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 I was born an artist.  As a little girl growing up in Northern New Mexico in the 1970’s, my fondest memories of art were my pencil drawings of horses, dogs and flowers.  Throughout the years, creating art has continued to be my passion.


Today I am an watercolor and oil artist.  An indescribable sense of peace overtakes me when I am in my studio. My artistic energy drives me to capture raw emotion in every subject, which is my goal for creating pieces that will inspire and draw people to appreciate the beauty of art in all its forms. There is a quote that holds true in my artistic life, “Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.” My mentor is Sara Eyestone who has given me the inspiration and courage that I need to continue my artistic journey despite all the noise of the world.


My works of art are intended to capture the reflections of the beautiful things that God has created. As an artist, I am inspired daily by His perfect creations, and grateful for the artistic gift that He has so graciously instilled within me.   

  "The LORD is my Shepherd, I lack nothing." - Psalm 23:1


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